AftR episode 2 – Li’l Crips

After Hiro receives a pizza with very little time left in which to get it delivered, he’s got to prove his mad skillz piloting The Deliverator… However, along the way he’s ‘pooned by a Kourier, and trouble ensues. Quote… Read More

AftR Episode 1 – Our hero, Hiro!

Chapter 1 introduces us to the main character, Hiro, and his struggles in the world of pizza delivery. We get a bit of a glimpse into the world of the universe in which pizza delivery is a very… Read More

AftR Episode 0 – About us

We introduce ourselves, discuss the purpose for us recording the podcast and our reading habits, then begin our conversation about our first book together, Snow Crash. We also talk about what knew up front about the book, what… Read More