AftR episode 5 – Gossip Ex Machina

Snow Crash chapters 7 & 8 are discussed. We learn a good bit about Hiro while in hiss head as he scopes the scene at The Black Sun.  He’s trying to find information to upload to the CIC. … Read More

AftR episode 4 – Just say NO!

The crew reviews chapters 5 & 6. Hiro is offered the titular drug Snow Crash by a mysterious “black and white”, which he dismisses as a sillly idea. Meanwhile, Y.T. is caught in a sticky situation by the… Read More

AftR episode 3 – Nerd pie

We review chapters 3 & 4. Two out of three of us agree, these chapters are great! We get to learn about Hiro’s past, and what got him here, and where he goes to escape where he is…… Read More

AftR episode 2 – Li’l Crips

After Hiro receives a pizza with very little time left in which to get it delivered, he’s got to prove his mad skillz piloting The Deliverator… However, along the way he’s ‘pooned by a Kourier, and trouble ensues. Quote… Read More

AftR Episode 1 – Our hero, Hiro!

Chapter 1 introduces us to the main character, Hiro, and his struggles in the world of pizza delivery. We get a bit of a glimpse into the world of the universe in which pizza delivery is a very… Read More